Meet the Global Families of Puget Sound

I love this article from ParentMap magazine written by Jiaying Grygiel. A big part of my business is working with new families relocating the Seattle area from other cities in the U.S and several of my client families are relocating to the U.S. as expats with plans to return to their home country.  An interesting and welcoming read.


A nine year olds' account as a reluctant expat in Hong Kong

The young author of a recent Wall Street Journal article (link below) shows us what an international move looks like through the eyes of an elementary school age child.  As parents, our plates are full with all the logistics of a move and it is easy to forget the little things that might seem like big things to your children - missing old friends, worrying about making new friends, limited knowledge of the new city or country, new food (I'd skip the durian, too) and saying goodbye to their bedroom and in many cases a lot more of their "stuff."   

I will always remember my daughter, Grace, making a poster-sized sign and taping it on her bedroom door the day our Seattle area house went on the market - "This house is not for sale - GO AWAY!"  I have come to understand that home is where we are as a family, and with five moves within the Seattle area and 2 in Asia under our belt in the past five years, I think my children now agree.