Wow - what valuable information! Thank you so much for presenting to my team and educating us about the importance of school choice for families relocating the the Seattle area. We look forward to working with you when we are recruiting new talent.
— HR Recruiter - Fortune 500 Company - 2019
Thank you again for your time and support the other day. It was surely very helpful and we have now made a decision on where to rent a home based on the school information you provided. I certainly enjoyed talking with you and appreciated your deep knowledge.
— Family of 4 - Relocating from Asia to the Eastside - Public Schools with strong ESL support - 2018
My husband and I met with Jeanne in early January for 90 minutes after attending seven middle school open house nights. We had no clear direction prior to meeting Jeanne and all the schools we visited had started to look alike. Our daughter attended a public school for elementary school and we had decided to look at all our options for middle school. Jeanne listened to us as we worked through our pro and con list, clarified our many, many questions and she coached us on how to make sure we submitted the best application for our daughter.  We are now waiting on the school decisions and I feel like our family submitted applications that reflected our family and, most importantly, our daughter.
— Family of 4 - local Seattle area residents - Independent Middle School - 2018
Thanks Jeanne! You were an incredible help to us as we figured out where to relocate.
— Family of 4 - relocated from Atlanta to Seattle - Public Elementary School - 2018
Thank you for providing such helpful and detailed information.  We really appreciated the help and guidance over the last few months!
— Family of 4 - relocated from the Bay area to the Issaquah Plateau - Preschool, Public Elementary School  - 2017
Thanks so much for checking back with us after our move!  Our son’s first week at school went smooth and school is living up to our hopes!  We are all very comfortable in our new community and want to thank you immensely for all your assistance.  We really hope to cross paths with you again.
— Family of 5 - relocated from Minnesota to Clyde Hill/Bellevue - Public Elementary School and Preschool - 2017
We could not have done this without Jeanne’s assistance - her 10 hours of great work would have taken me 100’s of hours and her relationships with admissions directors was invaluable.
— Family of 4 - relocated from New Jersey to Bellevue - High School and Middle School Independent School placement - 2017
This was the absolute best part of our corporate move package and we think everyone relocating should get this service.  Not only did Jeanne assist us with school choices for our 2 middle school sons, she also toured around Mercer Island and Bellevue showing us the grocery markets, restaurants and local athletic clubs. We have moved four times for my husband’s career and this is the first time we were offered this service .  I told my husband I won’t move again without someone on the ground advocating for our family.
— Family of 4 - relocating expats from Tokyo to Mercer Island - 2016
Loved working with Savvy Jeanne and wish I could have bottled some of her energy when it came to unpacking and organizing our new house!
— Family of 5 - relocating from New Jersey to Greenlake - Independent School placement - Seattle - 2016
We live in Seattle and used Jeanne’s service to help us make the decision about changing schools for our son.  He had recently been tested as gifted and we wanted to understand all the local school options and if they would be a good fit.  Jeanne spent time listening to our concerns and she really understood what type of school would be the best academically and socially for S.
— Family of 3 - local Bellevue residents - 2016
Our daughter was accepted into three private schools or had the option to attend our large public high school with a challenging IB program.  We spent 1 hour on the phone with Jeanne reviewing the pros and cons of each school and my husband, daughter and myself all got off the call in agreement of which school was the best for our family. A hour of Jeanne’s time and we all had a decision we felt excited about for our 14 year old daughter.
— Family of 4 - local Seattle residents - 2015
Jeanne’s knowledge and understanding of the area made our move appear seamless for our 11 year old son, P.  She provided us many education choices meeting our criteria.  Her knowledge of the British School System and our desire to return to London for our son’s university education was the reason we hired her company.
— Family of 3 - relocating from London to NE Seattle - Independent School placement - 2015