Summer = Strawberries

Nothing says summer is starting in Seattle as fresh, locally grown strawberries.  These are not your ordinary grocery store strawberries. 

These berries don't even seem to be related to California berries which are bred for size, long truck rides and locked in plastic clamshells containers. The berries of Washington are juicy, fragile, flavor-packed fruit and red all the way through - no white centers.

Eat them now, freeze them, or make jam out of them. The season is short and lasts only two to four weeks.  They are easy to find with many of the larger grocery stores bringing in fresh berries every morning and you see rows ands rows of them at local farmer's markets.

U Pick Farms are also within an easy driving distance from Seattle and make for a great outing with your familyI think every parent is grateful that the farms don't charge you for all the berries your kids eat - as they pick!  It is always a bit sad when the strawberry season is done (usually around July 4th) - but up next will be locally grown raspberries, blackberries and blueberries - making every summer a berry good one :)