School Choice - Information Overload

Today more than ever, the amount of information available on the internet, from friends, colleagues and even your real estate agent make it complicated to navigate the landscape of education.  Moving, finding a new community and best fit schools for your children are huge decisions that impact your entire family.

Many of my client families have already looked at US News and World Report and the website GreatSchools and come to me confused by the conflicting rankings and information overload! It’s hard to know which statistics matter, how to interpret them, who to trust or on what basis to make a school decision. 

I am here to help you understand the different methodologies used for evaluating each school and district.   In my opinion, GreatSchools uses very limited and flawed data to rank their schools. Their comment platform is outdated and most entries don't reflect current administration or facility.  US News and World Report ranks schools using an entirely different methodology and again fails to provide the entire picture of the school and learning community. 

I have personally visited over 30 area schools from preschool to high school programs and have strong relationships with administrators, teachers and admission counselors. My experience and first-hand knowledge of a wide range of schools and programs ensures objectivity and unbiased advice to families.  I am able to look beyond the statistics and help guide you and your family to finding the right fit school for all your children.  I love what I do and I hope it shows - here is just one comment from a recent family:

We were referred to Jeanne's service by our real estate agent.  Her knowledge and expertise really helped make our move to Seattle much less overwhelming.  I looked forward to each of our phone conversations, as I knew I would get off the phone feeling even better about our decision to move to the Seattle area.  Family of 4 - relocated from the Bay area to Sammamish, WA.

I welcome the opportunity to work with your family and offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation and customized packages starting at $500.