Seattle Themed Books for Kids

I love my business and getting to know all the new families moving to Seattle and I equally love introducing these families to a few of my favorite Seattle things.  We have a little storage area in our house and I always keep it stocked with a few goodies for my clients, as a welcoming gift to Seattle.  Here is a list of some Seattle-centric kid's books that make for a great introduction to their new home:

Children's books: 

Wheedle the Needle  - by  Stephen Cosgrove -   Deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest lives a quiet old creature named the Wheedle. When humans move into his forests, bringing their loud city noises, Wheedle flees to the rocky peaks of Mount Rainier, and then to the very tip-top of Seattle's Space Needle.                                                               

Larry gets lost in Seattle - by John Skewes - A children’s story about a young boy (Pete) who goes to Seattle with his family and is temporarily separated from his cute little dog, Larry, while sightseeing. In his search for Pete, Larry encounters many Seattle landmarks and cultural attractions before the two are reunited.

Colorful Seattle - Explore & Coloring book - by Laura Lahm -  Originally crafted for a children's coloring book, but with the popularity of adult coloring, this is suitable for kids, teens and adults. 

ParentMap Magazine - This is a great local resource published monthly and found for free at bookstores and other locations across town.  Articles, resources, family events offering a great way to be a Seattle Savvy family.

Future blogs I will share my welcome gift ideas for teens and adults - can anyone say Seahawk/Sounder's anything and Fran's chocolate!  I will also publish my list of favorite books both fiction and nonfiction for teens and adults set in/around Seattle.   

One preview:  The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.  Set during the Great Depression, The Boys in the Boat  tells the story of the University of Washington’s eight-oar crew team as they qualified to compete in the Berlin Olympics.   A great read and a wonderful introduction to Seattle, University of Washington and the big lake you see all around you - Lake Washington.