To AP or not to AP

Advance Placement (AP) is a subject that seems to make parents of high school students the most confused.  The majority of high school rankings, such as those published by "US News and World Reports," use the number of AP classes offered by a school together with student participation as an indicator of academic rigor. 

AP, however, may not be the right fit for your child given his or her learning style, and parents and students need to make sure they understand the requirements and grading standards for this program.  It is also worth noting that many prestigious private schools across the country have chosen in recent years to eliminate AP classes.  Students are still taught the subject material at an accelerated level and can choose to sit for the AP exam, but the classes do not fall within the regulated AP curriculum.

To AP or not to AP is a question that will continue to confront many high school students and their parents.  The New York Times article linked to below offers up both perspectives and is well worth the read.