Most Likely to Succeed - A documentary on education

I was fortunate enough to attend the Seattle-area advanced screening of the documentary,  Most Likely To Succeed, by Greg Whiteley.  This film has been shown at festivals across the US, from the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and AFI event in Washington, DC, to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  The film has also been screened at countless schools and continues to be screened on a regular schedule by educators and parents.

The screening I attended ended with a panel discussion and q & a with respected members of the Seattle education community.  The event was hosted by Amoo Padte, the founder and owner of "The Art of Education,". a school consulting company.

The documentary film follows 9th graders/Freshman at the charter school High Tech High in San Diego through their school year.  The school was founded around the project-based learning model and does an excellent job explaining the need for both academic and non-academic skills to prepare our children for the future.  All the students and parents featured in the film were new to this concept of education and continued to openly question the administration throughout the school year.  In Seattle there are a small number of schools that follow this model, including the Bellevue School District choice school and the Big Picture School (with admittance by lottery). 

At this link, you may learn more about the film and project-base learning, as well as view the trailer and check out the calendar for upcoming screening events.  I highly recommend a viewing and this would be a great event for a PTA function or school parent education night.