Dim Sum = Yum

I don't think my family had any idea how much we would miss the food we discovered while living in Singapore, especially since Seattle is home to so much truly great, local food.  We all left Asia with new favorites and an appreciation for hand-pulled noodles, soup dumplings and fresh tropical fruit. (except for durian!)

Thankfully, Seattle's internationally diverse population means easy access to great Asian restaurants and stores right in our own back yard, including the large Asian grocery store, Uwajimaya, with locations in downtown Seattle and Bellevue.  We also enjoy a booming Chinatown neighborhood, which my daughters recently toured with their Mandarin teacher and classmates coming home excited to share with us their many new finds.  

Those familiar with Asia's Din Tai Fung restaurant chain know how lucky we are to have two of just four US locations right here in Seattle.  If you haven't had their Xiao Long Bao (pork soup dumpling) dipped in a sauce of fresh ginger, dark vinegar and soy sauce, you are missing out on a great Taiwanese specialty - one that is quickly becoming a Seattle favorite!  It won't take any convincing to get my family to try the spots listed in the following Seattle Times article for Dim Sum Yum!