I understand what it is like to arrive in a new city, with kids and the family dog in tow, and try to quickly make it home sweet home. Whether it is across the world or within your home country, it is a big process made of many small decisions.

I am a former marketing executive who spent 20+ years at various Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Starbucks and the Omnicom Group. In addition to having lived in several Seattle neighborhoods, as well as Mercer Island and Bellevue, WA, I have resided in New York City, Boulder, CO, Dallas, TX, and Singapore.

It was with our move to Singapore, for my husband's career, that I came face-to-face with all the decisions that quickly need to be made when you relocate with your family.  We sold our home, cars, stored our furnishings, said goodbye to family and friends, shipped our sweet dog to Asia via Germany, and still had no idea where we were going to live or where our children would attend school. As excited as I was about the move, I did not do well with the big list of unknowns! 

I will never forget my final walk-through of our former home when I found a note taped to my daughter's bedroom door - "This house is not for sale - Go Away - we are not moving!"   Through all our moves (we have seven so far as a family), I have held on to that note and it now hangs in my office as a reminder that relocating is overwhelming, not just for the grownups, but for the kids, too.

When in Singapore, I started a blog to share our moving and living abroad story for our family and friends.  I soon realized that my blog was being shared with other expat families, both pre- and post-move to Singapore. This blog led me to advising new families on schools and life in Singapore. I found I loved assisting families with their transitions, so when I moved back to my hometown of Seattle, I began consulting for School Choice International, a global education firm specializing in research of preschool through high school programs for many large international corporations.

From all these experiences, I created Savvy on Seattle to provide families, such as yours, a broader set of relocation-related services.  I offer family lifestyle services in addition to education consulting.    I would love to assist you and your family with your relocation to the greater Seattle area. I am here to provide great information for the grownups, kids, and family dog, too!